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Issue 12 • April 2019

Transport, logistics, mobility

We make a difference

Mobility, transport and logistics play an important role in the globalized economy. That oil, gas and water are transported via pipelines is a well-known fact. The focus of this issue is the extent to which products from Mannesmann Line Pipe assist in the flow of goods, transportation, and the plans for the metropolises of the future.

Without regular local supplies of electricity, natural gas, oil, water and fuels through pipeline networks, practically nothing would work in the municipalities, in the economy and in private households. Mobility and transport are inconceivable without reliable energy supplies.

Pipelines against unending traffic jams

The mostly invisible transportation of energy facilitates mobility in two ways: If our daily demand for energy carriers were met exclusively via road, rail, or waterway transport, we would be faced with unending traffic jams and high transport risks every day. Fuel supplies via pipelines not only take the load away from traffic routes and make them safer – in fact, it is thanks to them that this traffic is possible at all in the form we know today.


We move much more

But our contribution towards mobility is not limited to pipes for pipelines. Products from Mannesmann Line Pipe can be found in bridges, distribute kerosene in airports, serve as extinguishing water pipes in railway tunnels, or they have been used, for instance, in the passages of the St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel, which has eased the commuter traffic load on the Port of Hamburg for over 100 years now.

Part of tomorrow‘s mobility

Power-to-gas, large-scale hydrogen use, or intelligent waste disposal concepts for conurbations are just a few of the many other topics that we report about in this issue.

  Transport, logistics, mobility - articles in this issue

  • Getting the curve into the future

    How renewable electricity can contribute to CO2-neutral mobility.
    An outlook.
    >>> read more

  • A ship is bound to come...

    It‘s a long way to the "States". Read how our pipes get there.
    >>> read more

  • Clever and simply ingenious. Old Elbe tunnel rehabilitated with "Fuchsrohr System"

    The rehabilitation of the two tunnel tubes in the St. Pauli-Elbtunnel was started in 2010. With pipes from Mannesmann Line Pipe.
    >>> read more

  • "Katowice 2030"

    As part of the urban development concept, the new bus station will become an important traffic junction.
    >>> read more

  • Interview

    "From A to B was yesterday" - Thomas Bardzik explains the complex logistics services provided by Mannesmann Line Pipe.
    >>> read more

  • New bridge over the Rhine

    The reconstruction of the Schiersteiner Bridge between Mainz and Wiesbaden is making progress. We visited the site.
    >>> read more

  • Down the pipe!
    Waste disposal 2.0

    In London‘s Wembley Park district, waste is extracted through an underground pneumatic pipe system.
    >>> read more

  • Port of Antwerp – The filling station of Europe

    The port of Antwerp is a cornerstone of the petrochemical industry in Europe. Mannesmann Line Pipe is involved in the expansion.
    >>> read more

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